About Us


The guarantee of norm conformity are approved by analysis certificates made in the Veterinary Diagnostic Center Laboratory in Moldova as well as in specialized laboratories in Romania, Italy and Germany. We also have our own lab for the 1st stage honey analysis.

Our passion for beekeeping and care for the highest quality products made “ALBICOM – EXIM” S.R.L become one of the leading processors of Moldova honey.

Thus, over the years we have been suppliers for various companies in Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy and Macedonia.

End of 2016 we completed the construction of a new honey processing station. We are now owning one of the newest and largest homogenization capacities of Moldova (21 T) equipped to the highest technical and quality standards.

For honey packaging we use only new barrels suitable for food imported from the Hungarian company “GREIF”.


was founded in 2005 out of the desire to carry forward the love and skills of founders and employees for beekeeping, who are working in this field for more than 25 years. The honey marketed and sold by “ALBICOM – EXIM” comes from carefully selected beekeepers verified to meet our high quality standards.

In November 2021 we successfully passed the ISO 22000 and ISO 900 certification.